Fixing Main Street: Part 2

The process of selling the city’s vision is more than what we think of as selling; it’s action. It’s actively and methodically moving towards small goals every day, year, and term, to one day see a dream realized. This can be done. This has been done. And for the sake of your small town, this must be done.


Scared Stiff: Why Your Small Town is Dying

These days there seems to be one question small towns across the country are having to ask themselves: What happens when the Boomers retire or leave? Big question.  And it not only deserves an answer but requires one—at least for those small towns that don’t want to be flooded for a reservoir in a generation... Continue Reading →

How Do Millennials Date?

I’m lonely. Not in an existential “The world is so lonely and the barista made my latte wrong, I hate my life” lonely.  More so, I miss having someone I can confide in totally.  Someone who I look forward to seeing and who looks forward to my texts. I miss having “my person.”  If you’re... Continue Reading →

Who Do I Want to Be?

Coming out was difficult. Ok.  Obvious. I know.  (And don’t worry, this is not a coming out story.) But the tough part about coming out wasn’t reconciling in my mind who I was.  Rather, it was trying to figure out who I wanted to be. With most Millennials coming out around the age of 17,... Continue Reading →

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